Research chronic pain on iPhoneI love my smartphone, and having its help makes a difference in my chronic pain relief. Hard to believe, but I’ve been using a personal digital assistant (remember the original name?) for well over 10 years. So it’s only natural that I should have some apps that I recommend to clients, family and friends. Since last week was about chronic pain-related books, then this week should be about chronic pain-related digital tools.

ShopWell: A big part of my holistic pain relief plan is eating completely gluten free. But how do I know if foods at the supermarket have gluten in them? One of the ways to be sure is to always carefully read the labels, and be familiar with gluten-containing ingredients. But what if you’re still not sure? Then this is the app for you! You can set up your profile preferences to include gluten free (along with many other dietary considerations), and then just scan the bar codes of food items in the store. I’ve also found this helpful in assessing items in my clients’ kitchens when we are working together.

RxMind Me: This is a great medication (or vitamins) reminder app that I’ve used for a few years now. On Apple’s App Store, it gets a 4+ rating from well over 1,000 reviews. I love how easy it is to just check off the reminders it sends. And I’ve never experienced a glitch with the reminders themselves. The app offers a lot of flexibility to add ongoing as well as short-term medications. And to top it all off, it’s a free app too.

Symple: I really like this free symptom tracking app. You add your own set of symptoms and the app reminds you to note how each day has gone for you. The app also lets you add “factors,” which are other non-symptom occurrences during the day. For example, I might note how many hours I sat still or whether I was able to exercise that day. Because the app records your daily entries, it also will show your symptoms over time. Sometimes it’s really helpful to have a longer-term view!

Kindle: For a reader, this app is amazing! It means that I can carry every (digital) book I own right with me on my phone, as long as I have the data coverage to download it. Saves my arms, hands and shoulders every time!

Another note: As you may have read here on the blog, we love to eat out at great restaurants. But since going gluten-free for holistic pain relief, I’ve found it more challenging to be comfortable with our restaurant choices. I love the UrbanSpoon Web site, but I unfortunately their app isn’t as helpful for GF suggestions. If you go to their site, you can actually pick the “Gluten-Free Friendly” Feature to narrow down your search based on user comments. So this means that I love my smartphone’s browser, which lets me get into the site instead of using the UrbanSpoon app.

I hope this has given you some great ideas that will carry you through the holiday season’s chronic pain challenges and into a bright new year!


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