Last week, I worked an intentional 11 hour day in my office for the first time in over four years. It’s not that I HAD to work 11 hours – hey, I’m an entrepreneur – I CHOSE to work 11 hours. I control my schedule, and after a full week off getting rejuvenated and inspired I figured I could handle it. And handle it I did!

I spent the day with seven fantastic clients who all (as always) gave me the opportunity to get paid for doing what I love. That’s the joy and blessing of my career choices. And then I went outside to enjoy my beautiful spring garden too!

I have always loved irises ... so excited to have them in my garden now!

I have always loved irises … so excited to have them in my garden now!

Now, think back four years with me … to a time when I was tired and hurting. I probably spent just five or six hours in the office during those days. And when I got home the couch had a spot ready and waiting for my rear end! I was still exercising, but honestly it wasn’t fun in the least. I thought I was eating in a healthy way, but we also loved our junk food and didn’t admit how often we ate it!

Even after a diagnosis that explained why everything hurt and why I was so tired, it took quite a while to start seeing improvements. And let me tell you—there were no 11 hour days on my calendar!

So how did I go from my couch to a very full day with my clients? I made an intentional change in my life by becoming a holistic health coach. This was as much to learn for me as it was to enhance my career. I learned an incredible amount about anti-inflammatory changes to make, and have been teaching clients what I learned ever since!

I have put the five pieces of the puzzle together for you in my Unlock the Puzzle of PainTM Process. Working together we break each of these modules down into bite-size pieces based on your needs!

High Quality Food: This means that each bite I take in needs to have as much nutritional benefit for my body as possible. It means minimizing processed foods (anything from bags and boxes) and increasing whole, fresh, and organic foods. It’s understanding the role of healthy fats and natural alternatives to white sugar.

Gluten Elimination: This means understanding the role gluten (and the grains that contain it) plays in our pain. It means finding alternatives to every day foods like breakfast cereal that are both high quality and gluten free. I break down and decipher the scientific information for you. This can be done as a process over time, but it’s the single most vital part of the system.

Essentials: This means learning how to increase the quantity and quality of sleep, learning how best to hydrate, plus addressing the emotional issues that occur when we are living in chronic pain. These may not be nutritional elements, but they are definitely issues that either increase or decrease our energy!

Detox & Movement: If you take medication or are still in the process of improving your food nutrient quality, daily habits that enhance your body’s natural detoxification are critical to your success. This also means understanding how best to support your digestive system.

Outside Care: For a lot of us this means asking for help from family and close friends. It also means learning what other types of healing practices (massage, acupuncture, etc.) can best support our progress.

I am incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to heal my life and my pain. And I don’t intend to stop at 11 hour days, but to share what I have learned with you!



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