bodyworker_coach_ patient_warrior


I wrote this poem / blog after seeing this picture online several times in one day. It started me thinking.


I am a bodyworker, a healer, a coach.
I am a patient. I am a warrior.

I may not always hear your words, but my intuition feels our connection.
My hands feel your tension. My eyes see the light in your eyes. Or the darkness.

I am vulnerable but stronger than I usually know.
I want you to learn from me because I’m brave enough to put the real me out there for you to see.
No one has a perfect life, and we all struggle to find the grace to deal with the rest.

I cried this morning in my darkness, but this afternoon a young friend was inspired by my honesty.
I cry different tears now, and they show me my path is not a downward path into the valley, but a hill I am climbing up.

I don’t teach by making you wish you were good enough to be like me.
Instead I coach by showing you we are the same and will climb the hill together. Hand in hand.

My connection to my own body’s wisdom is the beginning of a circle that helps you and I both heal.
When I am sick or ignore my health, I disconnect from my body wisdom.
I disconnect from the tools I have to help you – my hands, my intuition and my soul.
I reconnect to care for myself and for you.

I commit to self care, so that you will commit to care for yourself as well.
Sometimes it means I can’t help you right in your moment.
But if help you without helping myself first, no one wins.