You’ve received five tools from a Confident Wellness webinar, but now what do you do? It’s so hard to implement these steps in your life, especially when you’re balancing pain, exhaustion and the rest of life. Wouldn’t you like a coach to help you break the process down into steps and progress you can feel great about?

Scott Bowser Holistic Pain Relief Testimonial
Here’s what one client said about how  Holistic Pain Relief Coaching helped him:
Why a health coach? Simple – a great coach will get the best out of an individual. What great athlete doesn’t have a great coach. As a client of Barbara for the past six years, I have relied on her individual coaching to improve my health and wellness. When I first met Barbara I was living with chronic pain, and was overweight and unhealthy. The coaching integrated with a treatment plan that included surgery, but more importantly I am now living with minimal pain. In addition, I have returned to a healthy weight and to competitive bicycle racing. It is my belief that her efforts help achieve balance while I manage a growing company, a new family, and active lifestyle.
Scott Bowser, CEO

Are you ready to experience how Holistic Pain Relief Coaching can help you?

The Discovery Package includes TWO 60-minute laser focused coaching sessions that we’ll schedule between now and the end of December. We’ll design these sessions around your desire to implement two of these five holistic tools. You pick the two and we’ll focus exclusively on these topics so you have the support you need to start relieving your pain today!

REMEMBER, this package is only available until Wednesday, November 20th at midnight!


What’s included?

  • 2 60-minute laser-focused coaching sessions
  • Specific focus on implementing 2 of the “5 Holistic Tools” from the webinar
  • A chance to experience Holistic Pain Relief Coaching for yourself


  • Research guide with 15 pain-related conditions linked to gluten consumption
  • PDF of webinar slides

MOST IMPORTANTLY, this investment can be applied to an Intensive Coaching Program (the 12-session package) if you decide that you’d like to start working together in a bigger way. You just need to make that decision by January 2nd, 2014.

What kind of results can you expect from this Discovery Package?

  • A jump-start on holistic pain relief
  • Specific targeted ideas that apply to your life
  • A sense of hope
  • Support from someone who’s been there
  • Confidence that you can start feeling good again

Mike R Testimonial.jpgHere’s what another past client had to say…

Working with Barbara has helped my body get back to “healing itself,” making itself right again, and helped given me back my passion for life and my commitment to my community. I’m back doing the things that energize me and support my life’s purpose. And everyone will benefit from that, I promise! Thank You Barbara Searles, for your dedication for your craft, and to your clients, like me who do place a little bit of our faith in your commitment to help us heal ourselves, when we chose to make that decision.

Michael Ridgeway, 
Founder and Executive Director


It’s never too late to get started finding wellness,
pain relief and confidence in your body again!