Gluten and the Puzzle of Pain


Have you ever felt like every joint in your hands was swollen? Have your knees ached with every step? Well, it’s possible that your body is holding on to inflammation in a variety of areas. Often this type of chronic inflammation has a specific cause, and for a lot of us that cause is the foods we eat.

know because this is my story too … and I want you to have a mentor … the mentor I wish I had when I was diagnosed with a chronic pain condition!

Gluten and the Puzzle of Pain is a simple guide to freeing yourself from one of the most common causes of pain and inflammation. In this downloadable e-book (PDF), you will learn about:

  • Symptoms of gluten sensitivity
  • Elimination diets
  • Lots of great “starter” tips for being gluten-free
  • How to read labels and be a food detective
  • Gluten-free Baking
  • Gluten and Alcohol
  • Shopping gluten free at your local grocery store

The book also contains lots of RECIPES and a 7-day SAMPLE MENU. It offers support so you never feel alone!

When you purchase and download the book, you’ll also receive my BONUS SCRIPT. It’s based on my own experience talking to my loved one about why and how I wanted to be gluten free. I hope you’ll find this extra information helpful … because we know how vital it is to have support from the people around us!

Gluten and the Puzzle of Pain (62 pages): $5.99

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