I had every intention of sharing today about what it was like to travel with my blender last week. To show you exactly how I was able to make myself fantastically nutritious smoothies each morning. And then I looked at the calendar … and realized that this is my anniversary week. No, not one of the anniversaries I share with Cris. This Sunday is the anniversary of my rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis. It’s been four years since the rheumatologist confirmed that indeed I did have this disease. What an amazing experience it has been!

Female Doctor and PatientThat first winter I was in so much pain and discomfort. We had several 12”+ snowfalls, and I really felt every barometric pressure change of the storms. I also had to learn all about pacing myself. I couldn’t just go out and shovel snow with Cris the same way I had the year before. I learned about the price we pay when we live with chronic pain—that even when something feels doable in the moment, you can have a LOT of unexpected pain afterwards because you actually did too much.

Because the pain, swelling and stiffness that started the diagnosis process had started months before, by then I had also experienced the business consequences of RA. But you’ve heard me talk about that before!

I learned what the stiffness was REALLY like when you have RA. I remember saying to people, “I am flexible to snuggle myself into some crazy positions under that winter blanket, but then I can’t get myself out!” We would watch a movie at home and I started taking a few “intermissions” just to stand up and move around. If I didn’t, moving around again at the end of the movie was excruciating.

The winter was also my time to adjust to the medications involved in RA. I had to wrap my mind around what the doctors told me—that I would “take them for the rest of my life.” This was a completely new experience, and NOT easy. Then I had to deal with the way they made my body feel—from just a little queasy to full blown gross. Thankfully my body “settled into” the meds and side effects were minimal within a several weeks. But the meds really didn’t provide enough relief. My pain levels when down some, but medication didn’t give me my energy back. And that was what I needed MOST!

With every year that passes since that diagnosis, I take this anniversary as a reminder of how far I’ve come! RA has brought me into the world of holistic health and holistic pain relief. As a bodyworker, I was skirting around the edge before and now I sit right in the middle of that world as a Holistic Pain Relief Coach. My goal today is to serve people living with chronic pain (especially entrepreneurs)—to offer them practical tools and a lot more HOPE! I want you to have less pain and more energy—the same things I started to gain back after that first difficult winter four years ago.

If you’ve been here at ConfidentWellness.com before, you already read a lot of the things that I do to relieve the chronic pain my body wants to deliver to me. Here’s a quick recap of some essentials:

  • Going gluten free made an unbelievable difference in my pain levels.
  • I work really hard to be sure I get truly restorative sleep every night.
  • Clean eating to make a big difference in how I feel!
  • My fabulous husband cooks easy but aMAZing, anti-inflammatory meals for us.
  • And I believe that mindset—the way we think about chronic pain in our lives—can make an unbelievable difference in what we experience every day.

Four years ago, I believed that managing a chronic pain condition was all about doctors and medications. Since then I have learned that a much larger percentage of the treatment plan is up to me. I am grateful to have gained this knowledge (and the pain relief it brings), and even more thrilled to be sharing these practical, every day tools with you! Thanks for celebrating my Diagnosiversary with me this week!


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