Migraine Brain.jpgNever in a million years did I expect a doctor to tell me I needed an elimination diet. Most physicians have limited training in nutrition, and as a health and holistic pain relief coach I have a LOT of training in nutrition. I never anticipated being told that dietary changes were the right path for me.

How did this journey start? Well, back in early November, I caught a cold and then it developed into a sinus infection. Just as I started to feel better, it seemed like I felt worse again. The process of alternately feeling better and feeling worse continued for several weeks. During some of the “worse” intervals, I had some vertigo and quite a bit of disequilibrium. Disequilibrium is when you feel like you’re on a boat – and you’re not! Both of these experiences can be very disconcerting. Then I started to lose hearing in my right ear, including a distortion of low-frequency sounds.

The bad days began to outnumber the good days. Things were going from bad to worse, and no one seemed to have any answers for me. Some medications (like prednisone) worked for a time, but didn’t solve the problem and had scary possible side effects. I was too unwell to try to determine if there were holistic methods, except for getting lots of rest. Doctors, chiropractors, clinical nutritionists, acupuncturists … no one could tell me what was really wrong.

And then I was referred to the specialist I mentioned above. He spent about 20 minutes talking with me about the symptoms I was having. We also talked about the progression of symptoms over not only the several months before our appointment, but over many years prior.

And he told me it was all migraine activity! I could have fallen out of my chair, because I only get the occasional tension headache! In all the years I’ve been doing bodywork and coaching, I’ve always treated people living with migraines. And every time I was grateful that I didn’t live with the kind of pain levels migraines can bring. Here is the lesson for me: sometimes there’s a LOT more to a condition than you realize. Migraine is simply the inflammation of the blood vessels in your head and neck. And because of their location, that inflammation can affect so many different parts of our body.

Migraine includes symptoms throughout many systems of your body – not just your head. And many things, including what we eat and drink, can trigger migraine activity. Since we have more control over what we swallow, a migraine trigger elimination diet was the first step for me.

I thought going gluten-free was tough, but now that I’m forty days into this diet, I am here to tell you it’s much tougher. On the up side, I’ve experienced HUGE amounts of symptom relief. I am SO grateful for the fantastic good days that I am having now (even if it does mean I had no excuse to get out of spring cleaning)!

It would be wrong to tell this story without a shout out to my amazing husband Cris. He was there every step of the way, helping and supporting me with his whole heart. I am so lucky and grateful that he is in my life!

My message for you is this:

1. Even the experts have challenges to face and more to learn.

2. Food and nutrition are intimately connected to wellness.

3. Persist in looking for the solutions – pace yourself, but persist.

4. Asking for help is okay.

This experience has been (and continues to be) life changing. Since it does relate to holistic pain relief, I’m sure I’ll have more to share in the future. Stay tuned …


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