Or … how to leave town just when the construction starts …

My beautiful, peaceful massage treatment room had undergone some big changes since last summer. The neighbors in my office building moved out, and an active dental practice moved into their space. So during much of last year, my clients and I listened to construction noises. And then—thankfully—the construction was completed! But (and there’s always a but, right?) the room directly on the opposite side of the massage treatment room was the mechanical room for the dental practice.

This meant that a compressor went off for a minute or two randomly during the day. Turns out it was about 4 feet from my clients’ heads … during this time they set aside to get relaxed, peaceful and find some pain relief! Every single client was kind and graceful about the noise … so maybe it was me that experienced all the stress. I tend to take things personally in my business … I want to offer the best experience possible for each and every client. That’s my joy in this career!

Looks peaceful, right?

Looks peaceful, right?

As you can imagine, I reached out to the landlords to request some help. And it turns out that because of the mechanical and plumbing work on the opposite side of the wall, all soundproofing construction activity had to happen in my office space. Yikes! But fortunately, I had plans to be out of the office for an entire week. Perfect! We planned to do the soundproofing construction while I was gone.

Sounds fabulous right? Not for an entrepreneur used to having her fingers in pretty much every task of her business. I have essentially run my business on my own for the last ten years, only occasionally asking for help. However, my 2013 goal is to find ways to effectively delegate and outsource tasks. Why? Because lowering my stress levels by asking for help is a better way to manage the chronic pain in my body … not to mention a better way to manage life in general!

If you live with chronic pain, you may have become accustomed to asking for help. I have no trouble asking someone to lift heavy boxes … but letting a construction event happen in my absence was truly scary for me. This is big lesson for a lot of entrepreneurs—maybe even you!

Here’s what I did: I trusted the people involved. I stepped away after putting the plan in order. I focused on what I needed most—inspiration and rejuvenation (which cannot be delegated).

And I am here to say I survived. The soundproofing work is complete. I spent a week being inspired by sunrises, new ideas and fabulous people. The biggest noise in my massage treatment room is my loud sigh of relief.


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