Judy TestimonialAfter talking with Barbara about many nutrition & health topics over the last few years, I decided to take the plunge and start eating gluten free. My primary reason for this change was unrelenting back pain, despite weeks of physical therapy. Within two weeks of the change, my pain levels had decreased to almost nothing. Because I’m feeling so great and have such energy, I’m considering coming out of retirement and starting a new entrepreneurial venture!

Judy Rizzo
Lewisburg, TN

Mike R Testimonial.jpgWorking with Barbara has helped my body get back to “healing itself,” making itself right again, and helped given me back my passion for life and my commitment to my community. I’m back doing the things that energize me and support my life’s purpose. And everyone will benefit from that, I promise! Thank You Barbara Searles, for your dedication for your craft, and to your clients, like me who do place a little bit of our faith in your commitment to help us heal ourselves, when we chose to make that decision.

Michael Ridgeway
Founder and Executive Director

Dream Ride Project
Lancaster, PA

Scott TestimonialWhy a health coach? Simple – a great coach will get the best out of an individual. What great athlete doesn’t have a great coach. As a client of Barbara for the past six years, I have relied on her individual coaching to improve my health and wellness. When I first met Barbara I was living with chronic pain, and was overweight and unhealthy. The coaching integrated with a treatment plan that included surgery, but more importantly I am now living with minimal pain. In addition, I have returned to a healthy weight and to competitive bicycle racing. It is my belief that her efforts help achieve balance while I manage a growing company, a new family, and active lifestyle.

Scott Bowser

Mazza Vineyards, Inc.
Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire
Manheim, PA

Michael B TestimonialI have known Barbara Searles for a few years and had worked with her in the past with a variety of different projects. I turned to Barbara when I was having difficulty living a more healthy lifestyle because I really felt I couldn’t quite do this on my own. Investing in the health coaching that Barbara offered was just exactly what I needed to help me start living a different lifestyle.

I became more aware of the food I was eating, what it contained, not only calorically but the bad stuff within and therefore what to stay away from. I still don’t obsess over what I eat but I am a better consumer because of it. I also, feel healthier, have more energy and have lost weight in the process, all goals I had for the training. I think anyone that is struggling trying to have a healthier lifestyle should work with Barbara. You’ll be amazed with the results, I was.

Michael Biggerstaff
Partner and Chief Inspiration Officer

Nxtbook Media™
Lancaster, PA

Jasmine TestimonialBarbara helped me get over my fear of grocery shopping. Before it was a such a burden to go because I felt inundated with choices and I had no clue which were healthy, which were just “greenwashed” which were just junk. But Barbara took me to the store and broke it down step-by-step and even taught me how to pick ripe avocados.

Now I feel like I can shop for my health with confidence. The most significant part of the coaching experience, for me, was learning that food isn’t just a nourishment for the body, but also for the soul and that I can feed my heart with healthy choices and surround myself with a peaceful environment to enjoy the food I’ve prepared.

Jasmine Grimm

Ruby, Inc.
Lancaster, PA

Deb Testimonial.jpgBarbara has studied, practiced, and delivered an integrated nutrition program that is exceptional and imperative for optimum health and wellness. I have thoroughly enjoyed the process and have experienced tremendous weight loss, but more importantly, pain relief, vitality, self-awareness and positive energy. This process has allowed me to regain physical athletic endeavors and regain balance in life.

Deborah Feather
Elizabethtown, PA

Patty Testimonial.jpgBarbara’s coaching sessions helped me change how I think about food and eating. She helped me focus on mindful eating and the benefits/pitfalls of the choices I was making. Not only did I make changes to what I was eating, but she helped me make subtle changes to what my family was eating. I ate more healthfully, felt better and I even lost 10 pounds in the process! Thanks Barbara!

Patty Lawrence

Implementation Management Group, LLC
Lancaster, PA

Kate and RodgerWhen my husband Roger and I started the Holistic Health coaching program with Barbara we were feeling lethargic in many areas of our lives/bodies. Since we’ve worked with her and started to incorporate the things she taught us, we see a significant change in how we feel both physically and mentally.

We’ve been able to tell a difference in how our bodies work and respond to different foods and exercise. This experience has been great for us both and we look forward to continuing to learn in the future.

Before working with Barbara, I had problems with feeling bloated, pain in my joints, trouble sleep soundly, and generally feeling BLAH most of the time. Roger was exercising on a regular basis but not seeing any significant results.

We’ve seen drastic results by following Barb’s coaching about some items to change in our daily diet. I generally no longer have the bloating, painful joints, or sleeping problems. Roger has since lost 20 pounds and is seeing positive results from his workouts.

I’m a firm believer that by incorporating what Barbara taught me into my daily life I’ve reduced my discomfort level and increased my quality of life. I’d be more then willing to talk to people and share my experience.

Kate Helm
Lancaster, PA