Usually I share education, stories, and recipes here. Today I offer you a success story from a couple I worked with recently. I’ll let Kate tell you the story:

Kate and RodgerWhen my husband Roger and I started the Holistic Health coaching program with Barbara we were feeling lethargic in many areas of our lives/bodies. Since we’ve worked with her and started to incorporate the things she taught us, we see a significant change in how we feel both physically and mentally.

We’ve been able to tell a difference in how our bodies work and respond to different foods and exercise. This experience has been great for us both and we look forward to continuing to learn in the future.

Before working with Barbara, I had problems with feeling bloated, pain in my joints, trouble sleep soundly, and generally feeling BLAH most of the time. Roger was exercising on a regular basis but not seeing any significant results.

We’ve seen drastic results by following Barb’s coaching about some items to change in our daily diet. I generally no longer have the bloating, painful joints, or sleeping problems. Roger has since lost 20 pounds and is seeing positive results from his workouts

I’m a firm believer that by incorporating what Barbara taught me into my daily life I’ve reduced my discomfort level and increased my quality of life. I’d be more then willing to talk to people and share my experience.

Kate Helm, Lancaster, PA


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