multitask1This week’s blog is a guest post from my friend Jeannie Spiro. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or not, delegating is an essential skill—particularly when you also live with chronic pain. I loved Jeannie’s ideas, and thought you might too!

Some years back when I started in my first management position I was overcome with joy when I found out that the job automatically came with a built in assistant.

Can you imagine how thrilling it was to no longer have to do absolutely every menial task in my job? Having an assistant meant that I could work on big projects, manage my staff, focus on revenue generation and commission incentive programs.

It meant that I could get the most important and necessary tasks done in my job and delegate the rest.

As a Director I was in no means a micro-manager. I quickly realized that to be one wouldn’t be the best use of my time.

That’s why when my very first mentor recommended that I hire a Virtual Assistant, even before I was barely generating any business income, I didn’t hesitate.

Most solopreneurs make the assumption that they need to manage everything in their business and often times they wait to hire an assistant.

When I first advise my clients to hire an assistant I hear excuses like,

I can do everything myself”,

I’m not making enough yet”,

“It’s going to take too much time to train someone else to do things I can easily do”

I bet if you haven’t hired someone to help you yet then you’re thinking some of the same things.

It’s time to stop doing everything and start doing what you need to do in order to have more conversations to grow your business. To work on the most important revenue generation tasks and to focus your time and energy on the tasks that you MUST do in order to create momentum in your business.

Where should you start when you should have been delegating already?

  1. Create Systems– even before you start to delegate tasks you want to look at the process or systems you’ve created or can create. Look at your business as a whole and identify where you can create systems. Client intakes, social media marketing, payment processing, client paperwork, your newsletter and so on.  All tasks will likely have a system. Identify what you do, document it and get ready to delegate.
  2. Identify What Only YOU Can Do – we tend to think that because it’s our business that we need to do everything. It’s simply not the case. I’m always encouraging my Virtual Assistant clients to get assistants. Why? Because having help will make you streamline your work and focus on the most important tasks that only you can do. Take time to identify exactly where you MUST be in your business and where you can fill in getting help from an assistant.
  3. Start with Projects – another easy way to start off with delegating your tasks is to consider your business as having many projects. For my first Telesummit I knew I couldn’t manage the task myself so after I decided to host the event the very next task on my list was to find someone who can manage everything that I didn’t know how to do. You can do this for your next launch, a workshop, a training program, a course or any project that might have a specific start and stop time.
  4. Recommendations – being in the business of Business and Marketing Coaching it’s my job to know who are expert Virtual Assistants, Consultants, Graphic Designers and Web Developers. I have a Recommended Resource list that’s extensive and valuable. Because I’ve done the work to find out who is reputable I can tell my clients who to work with and give out multiple recommendations. I recommend that you always do your homework, check references, review their work and consider hiring on a project basis to see if you want to work with an individual long term.

Whether you’re just starting out or have been in business for a while, you need to consider that you will create more revenue faster when you delegate all those tasks that are repeatable and can be done by someone who is efficient at getting them done.

Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should!

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