are you ready to do a reset
so you can thrive this fall?

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Reset & Thrive Library Logo_MOD-Reset and ThriveIf you’re anything like me, summer is all about relaxation with flexed schedules, vacations with delicious indulgences, and a lighter list of to-do’s and to-don’ts. Don’t you savor every second of summer, and feel startled when autumn approaches? All too soon come the early morning alarms, lunches to pack, heavy project lists in the office, seemingly endless after school activities, and so very much more that seems to snowball so quickly!

I get it, the arrival of fall can feel like a fall into chaos!

This year it doesn’t have to! Perhaps it’s time to do a reset so you can thrive going into this new season?

The Reset & Thrive Library Horizontal Banner-MOD

Introducing the Reset & Thrive Library:

Comprised of over 40 electronic resources specifically selected to help individuals and families get organized, create balance and improve their health for fall and a new academic season!


Buy Now Button-Reset and ThriveBut thats not all.

Not only do the Reset & Thrive e-resources offer VALUE because the ENTIRETY of its contents have NEVER BEEN BUNDLED ANYWHERE BEFORE and epic discount codes SAVE YOU HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS or more off the very best healthy living brands, but with this sale ONLY you will receive a TWO WEEK MEAL PLAN OFFERED NO WHERE ELSE!

No need to sort through thousands of recipes from the cookbooks included, we’ve given you two weeks of a get-started meal plan so that you can start without much planning or thought on your own – giving you precious time back to focus on reading the resources and thriving from the onset of this autumnal new year!


The organizers of this Library, the Paleo Parents, have learned from over 5 years of healthy living, what tools people need for success. This bundle is sized just right to not overwhelm. It is broken into separate categories so that you can determine how to prioritize where you want to start.

For the Kitchen: The Cookbooks (a $201 value)

Section Graphics, For in the Kitchen, The Cookbooks-Reset and Thrive Fearless Sauerkraut Recipes, Sarah Ramsden

Make it Merry: A Healthy Cookbook, Carla & Emma Papas

7 Steps to Better Grain-Free Baking, Kelly Smith

And Here We Are At the Table, Ariana Mullins

Health Happiness Paleo, Leslie Auman & Chelsea Gold

Paleo Desserts for Dummies, Adriana Harlan

The Healthy Breakfast E-Cookbook, Davida

Real Food Recipes, Kelly Brozyna

Paleo in a Pinch, Sarah Al-Khayyal

Modern Paleo Holiday Cuisine, Alanna Figueira

Family Feast eBook, Cassandra Garcia

Salads without grain, Hayley Ryczek

Paleo to Go, Stacy Toth & Matthew McCarry

For Planning: The Tools & Tips for Balance (a $486 value)

Section Graphics, For Planning & Strategizing-Reset and ThriveHolistic Jump Start, Caitlin Weeks

The Gratitude Workbook, Nicole Pittman

Bite Size Paleo, Kelly Bejelly

Full Plate: Nourishing Your Family’s Whole Health in a Busy World, Sarah Kolman

The No Brainer Wardrobe, Hayley Morgan

Clean & Colorful Cooking and September Jumpstart Grid, Ashely Reeves

Simplify, Abby Lawson

Self Care for Self Love, Summer Innanen

Once a Month Meals, Kelly Seaton

The Wild Diet Shopping Guide, Abel James

The Ancestral Blueprint’s Guide to Sleep Troubleshooting for All Ages, Dr. Natcha Maithai

Fall Watercolor Planning Printables, Caroline Potter

Go to Bed, Sarah Ballantyne

For Strategizing: The Health Game-Changers (a $220 value)

Sections Graphic, Health Game Changers - Reset and ThriveUnprocessed Living, Cindy Santa Ana

Paleo Made Easy, Sylvie McCracken

The Empowered Mother, Cara Comini

The Kitchen Workout, Natalie Wright

Weight Loss Unlocked, Stefani Ruper

The Dietary Cure for Acne, Dr. Loren Cordain

Beauty’s Dirty Secret, Trina Felber

Mind & Body Balancing: A Guide to Counteract Inflammation Through Food & Lifestyle, Kari Owens

Kick Pain in the Kitchen, Barbara Searles

For the Kiddos (a $100 value)

Section Graphics, For the Kiddos-Reset and ThriveLittle Paleo Big Wins, Jennifer Robins

Baby’s First Foods, Rochelle Serna

Teacher’s Notebook Packet, Carisa Hinson

Kids’ Bundle, Emily Chapelle

MOMables, Laura Fuentes

Want to learn more about any of the titles listed above? Click the links to be taken directly to their page!

Of course, I’m especially excited that my book, Kick Pain in the Kitchen was chosen to be included in this Library. But, omigosh, it’s also amazing to be in the company of some of my health and wellness heroes like Dr. Loren Cordain and Sarah Ballantyne.

No you can move into the fall with ease with the Reset & Thrive Library! These generous authors have agreed to sell their products at a 98.5% discount in order to give you the very best resources in one perfect digital package.

Get organized. Get well. Be the change you wish to see.

The absolute best healthy living and organization experts and authors have teamed up to share their eBooks, workshops, tutorials, meal plans, calendars, and worksheets. All items feature NEW CONTENT, NEVER OFFERED IN ANOTHER BUNDLE. Some resources are DEBUTING in the Reset & Thrive Library and cannot be found anywhere else!

Reset & Thrive Contributors Graphic

The Reset & Thrive Library includes over 40 healthy living, planning and organization electronic resources which can be viewed on any e-reading device!

Electronic Devices Display

All 40 resources come in PDF form and are available for instant download. Access all materials on your computer, phone, and e-reader of your choice.

The Reset & Thrive Library Vertical BannerPLUS the BONUS DISCOUNTS PAGE WITH 28 EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT CODES and THE BONUS 2 WEEK MEAL PLAN, created from the cookbooks found in the Rest & Thrive Library!!


Fully enjoy the arrival of fall by creating health, wellness, and balance with ease for you and every member of your family! When you purchase the Reset & Thrive Library for only $39 (valued at $1007) you will be able to instantly download all the resources, plus the BONUSES, enabling you to start strategizing for the new season ahead!!

Buy Now Button-Reset and Thrive

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my book is now published

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Kick Pain in the Kitchen: Holistic Pain Relief You Can Eat is now available at and You may choose from paperback, Kindle, iBooks or Nook versions. You’ll also find e-book rentals at and

Kick Pain in the KitchenWhat an experience it is to write a book! I am humbled by the wonderful feedback I’ve received, both in the Amazon reviews and in person. With over 100 million people living in chronic pain (just in the U.S. alone), I hope my everyday ideas offer hope and empowerment to you and your loved ones.

“I will definitely recommend Kick Pain in the Kitchen to my patients: Those who are looking to avoid pharmaceutical treatment and those who want to combine western medicine with alternative therapies.“ ~ Jane A. Swartz, ARNP, MSN, Rheumatology Nurse Practitioner

  • Do you wish for realistic, holistic tools, which will minimize your pain and make you confident in your body?
  • Have you struggled to meet life’s demands because managing chronic pain takes so much time and effort, leaving you exhausted?
  • What would life be like if you could minimize your pain and dedicate the extra energy you’d gain to your goals?

Based on the author’s experience as a massage therapist, holistic health and pain relief coach, and woman in pain, Kick Pain in the Kitchen: Holistic Pain Relief You Can Eat offers you a holistic approach to pain relief that can be integrated with many other treatment plans. It’s full of straightforward, every day steps that anyone can start using right away.

Your path to health and pain relief starts in your kitchen and supermarket cart! The book educates you about why healthy, whole foods based, pain relieving changes can help, while giving you a practical game plan structured through the meals of the day.

Kick Pain in the Kitchen is part informational, part inspirational, and part practical. You’ll finish the book with plenty of options and a new focus on healthy habits to relieve your pain naturally.


Do you just wish you could find a set of realistic, holistic tools you can put in practice that will minimize your pain and maximize your energy? Download my free PDF report to learn 17 EASY WAYS TO START MINIMIZING PAIN TODAY!

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do they love AND sabotage you?

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MotherDaughterDisagreeingAre there people you love who don’t understand the holistic pain relief choices you make? You’re not alone! The choices you make might be:

  • Medical or alternative treatments
  • Food-related changes, exclusions, or focus
  • How you spend your time
  • How you spend your money
  • Anything you do that impacts someone else

The people in your life may want you to feel better. They may even feel sad that you hurt a lot. But, they don’t always support you (and your choices) quite the way you’d like to be supported.

Let’s face it: Their words and actions are a type of sabotage, although I sometimes call it loving sabotage. What do you do then?

I recently saw this exchange between a mother and daughter on Facebook. It was such a perfect example of loving sabotage that I saved it to share with you!

Mother:          You are going to have to endure a B-I-G cheat on Friday.

Daughter:       Nope. I will bring myself stuff I can eat if I need. LOL

Mother:          Oh I wish you wouldn’t do that. Surely you can allow yourself to enjoy what I’m offering. You’ll live through it.

This daughter didn’t respond back to her mother. Would it have been hard for you to respond too? I’m sure she didn’t want to hurt her mother’s feelings. And I can also imagine that the mother may not have realized how she might’ve hurt her daughter’s feelings.

At what point is any particular food, no matter the love it was prepared with, worth additional pain the next day? Would the mother have asked a recovering addict to have a beer, just because she’d brewed it that day at home? Of course not.

These sabotaging people do love you; they just don’t understand what living with chronic pain is really like.

I’m not suggesting you yell and scream at people who try to sabotage your holistic pain relief efforts. But I do encourage you to gracefully stand firm in what you know helps you.

You may want to develop a “standard” answer that helps in most of these situations. For example you might say:

“I know how much you love me, and I appreciate that you want to give me this food tonight. And I love you too. But, I’m also working hard to feel better so we can spend more time together. For me, this means avoiding foods that increase my pain. The less pain I feel, the more energy I have, and I hope that means we can enjoy life together more! Would you please support me in this?”

You might go simple and direct instead:

“Thanks for your offer of _____ [fill in the food]. I know it’s always been one of my favorites, but I pay too big of a price in pain tomorrow. I’d love to share it with my __________ [insert family or friend’s name here] instead.”

I know you’ll find your own words. Remember you’re not alone. Lots of people living with chronic pain run into this exact situation. So, reach out to your network (including in the comments below) and see what ideas they’ve tried as well.


Do you just wish you could find a set of realistic, holistic tools you can put in practice that will minimize your pain and maximize your energy? Download my free PDF report to learn 17 EASY WAYS TO START MINIMIZING PAIN TODAY!

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3 skills you can learn from
living with chronic pain

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WildflowersHere’s a truth for my life, and maybe for yours: Some days I wish I hadn’t been “blessed” with all these physical challenges.

It might be a day where I have a lot of pain, or possibly a busy day including a few appointments with my “healing team.” I look around at my friends’ lives and see how different they are from mine. And I let out a big sigh.

Then I move on with my life, and do what I always do, which is focusing on the positive.

You may be saying there’s absolutely no positive aspect to living with chronic pain, and I promise you I can relate to that feeling too. On the other hand, I’ve found that living with chronic pain has helped me develop skills that others don’t yet have.

I’m appreciative of my client Christine, who helped me start thinking about this topic last night because of her own challenges. We started to think together about what we had gained because of our body-related challenges. Interestingly, she’s in her twenties and I’m in my late forties, so our perspectives are very different.

We still have commonalities that connect us, and knowing how to use that to benefit us both is the first skill we’ve learned.

Skill #1: Knowing how to get support in a healthy way

Like us, you may have also found that living with chronic pain helps you learn about your body in greater detail. Of course, this skill starts because you’re experiencing pain. But as the journey continues, the path often includes both pain and healing.

It’s the times of healing that help me understand my body more. No matter how lasting or temporary that healing time turns out to be, when I move from pain to healing I learn new things about my body.

Maybe you’ve been there too. If you’ve had to re-configure your eating routines to feel better, that’s learning what your body needs. Or when you realized that having a consistent sleep pattern makes a difference in your pain, you’ve gained that skill.

Skill #2: Knowing how your body works best

I’ve also learned the skills of gratitude and acceptance. Now, I don’t mean accepting that the situation is crappy and staying under the covers each day.

What acceptance means to me, and maybe to you too, is finding the peace with how chronic pain’s a part of my life. Since this is my reality, I’m going to make the best of it. I’ll find the joy in my opportunities to learn.

And what’s the thing I’m most grateful for about living with chronic pain? It’s that I’m ahead of the game compared to some friends and family members.

I’ve gained this critical skill: taking care of myself. I’ve learned it in my twenties, and been practicing it for decades.

In a way, I think it’s made me healthier at this age than I would’ve been without the experience. For example, making exercise a priority and actually scheduling it in my calendar began early for me. Quite different from folks I hear saying, “Now that I’m retired I can exercise regularly.” This isn’t a judgment of their path, because it’s their choice and I respect that. But I didn’t get to wait. I had to exercise to manage my pain. And’s it okay. I accept that and I’m grateful for what it’s taught me.

Skill #3: Gratitude and acceptance.

Bonus Skill: Taking care of myself.

Finding these skills is like the weeds I found the other day on my walk, pictured here. They may be growing wild, and not cultivated in a fancy garden space. But there’s so much beauty in them, isn’t there? I hope you’ll find the beauty in your own life too!

Would you share the skills you’ve learned from living with chronic pain in the comments? I’d love to hear more about your experiences.


Do you just wish you could find a set of realistic, holistic tools you can put in practice that will minimize your pain and maximize your energy? Download my free PDF report to learn 17 EASY WAYS TO START MINIMIZING PAIN TODAY!

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what’s an elimination diet really like?

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Broiled Salmon

Gluten Free and Migraine Friendly

As you’ve heard me say before, I went gluten-free a few years ago to help holistically manage my chronic arthritis pain. It was a big decision, and a big adjustment at the time. We re-vamped a lot of the things we do in the kitchen, and also changed the way we eat out.

But that was a tiny change compared to the migraine trigger elimination diet I’ve followed since March 1st—almost 70 days. An elimination diet is recommended many times by health coaches, nutritionists and even physicians. There are lots of different types of elimination diets, and just as many reasons why someone might embark on one.

In my case, a physician recommended the changes because I was having severe, chronic atypical migraine activity. Severe meaning it was massively impacting my quality of life and ability to work, play and simply function. Chronic meaning the migraine activity had lasted at this extreme level for several months prior the physician appointment. Atypical meaning there was very little headache activity involved but many other symptoms that health care practitioners and patients often don’t associate with migraine. More on my story is here.

The elimination diet that was recommended to me means that I have had to eliminate around 50 foods from my diet. It means that no foods (and even some personal care products) can be purchased without reading their ingredient list. It also means that eating out is practically impossible.

On the UP side, the elimination diet almost completely reversed my migraine activity within about 30 days. Some symptoms were eliminated in the first week!

But how do you take the dietary recommendations from paper to practice?

Gluten Free and Migraine Friendly

Gluten Free and Migraine Friendly

STEP ONE: Get a bound blank book to use as food log or diary. Since I am specifically trying to connect foods with migraine symptoms, I wanted to have something I could flip around in to see those connections. The same thing would apply if you want to connect pain-related symptoms to food.

STEP TWO: Make copies of the list of do’s and don’ts. One is attached to my refrigerator. The other is inside my food log/diary book. I’m working on making one virtual or “in the cloud” to access from my smart phone (helpful while shopping).

STEP THREE: On the list of do’s and don’ts, highlight those foods you use most in your food and cooking choices. For us, it was things like avocados, nuts, onions, and soy sauce!

STEP FOUR: Start reading labels in the kitchen to see what was “safe.” For example, the list said tuna was okay. But the list of ingredients on our tuna cans had vegetable broth in them, which is often “code” for MSG. So now when we shop, we look for brands of tuna without added broth in them.

STEP FIVE: Begin researching possible substitutions for your favorite foods on the “don’t” list. For example, switching shallots for onions. While it’s not the same exact taste, it works. And we’re also serving sauces on the side to accommodate my needs and all the other diners. With some regular experimenting and brainstorming, Cris and I have been able to enjoy a lot of fantastic “whole food” dinners together—all gluten-free and migraine-friendly.

Gluten Free and Migraine Friendly Broiled Salmon

Gluten Free and Migraine Friendly

The time I’ve spent in this elimination diet “phase” is a time when I have to give a LOT of thought to every bite. In our world of convenience foods and overscheduled lives, this isn’t easy. But trust me, living with pain or illness is harder than making extremely conscious food choices. For me it’s all about my mindset. I can either focus on the 50 foods I can’t have, or recognize the 1000 other options I do have. I also try to stay focused on the results that these changes have made in my health and my life. And like many challenges, elimination diets aren’t designed to last forever. So I often say to myself: “this too shall pass.”

Hopefully in just a few weeks, I’ll be able to start testing each trigger food and creating my own personal “trigger list.” Once I have that list (which may take a few months to solidify), I hope to be adding some of these eliminated foods back into my diet.


Do you just wish you could find a set of realistic, holistic tools you can put in practice that will minimize your pain and maximize your energy? Download my free PDF report to learn 17 EASY WAYS TO START MINIMIZING PAIN TODAY!

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